Dependable Cabinet Materials Suppliers Serving the Rio Grande Valley and Beyond

Electi Cabinet Supply is a cabinet materials supplier based in Mission, Texas. For years, we have had the privilege to serve cabinet manufacturers by providing the premium quality MDF, finishes, laminates, and hardware they need to leave a great lasting impression on their clients.


What Our Cabinet Materials Suppliers in McAllen Do

We’re a company operating in the Rio Grande Valley that specializes in providing premium cabinet supplies to builders, contractors, interior designers, architects, or other businesses dedicated to manufacturing, assembling, and installing cabinets for their kitchen, bathroom, closets, or laundry room projects.

Our Goal is to Be the Best Cabinet Materials Supplier in McAllen

We want to partner together with our customers to help them achieve their client’s expected results. We offer all the technology we have at our disposal to deliver the highest quality in cuts and veneers for the manufacturing aspect of your cabinet projects.


How We’re Different Than Other Cabinet Material Wholesalers in the Rio Grande Valley

Our commitment goes beyond the selling and distribution of panels. Our focus is on the quality of service you receive and our premium MDF and finishes. We take pride in delivering the cabinet materials you purchased on time because we understand you have deadlines to meet as well–something you may not receive from other cabinet materials suppliers.

“We Use State-of-the-Art Technology and Materials From World-Renowned Brands.”

Why Place Your Trust in Us?

Our primary focus in our business is a strong commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality in customer service and our undivided attention to you, the customer.


In addition, our state-of-the-art technology, devotion to being on time with your delivery, and premium cabinet materials from world-renowned brands is noticeable in the quality of your final product.


This kind of attention to detail is what impresses your clients, and everyone in business knows a happy client is a returning client.

¿Por que confiar en nosotros?