Cabinet Knobs and Pulls: Essential Hardware for Cabinets

At Electi Cabinet Supply, we believe in supplying the best variety of fittings and hardware for cabinets in Mission and all throughout the Rio Grande Valley. 


If you are looking to build a cabinet, you may want to know what kind of hardware is durable, essential, and cost-effective. Luckily, our cabinet suppliers in Mission are here to help you figure out what are some essential cabinet hardware pieces to keep in mind, so you can build the cabinetry of your dreams. 


The Tools You Need for Your Cabinets


1. Look for Solid Brass

Hardware made from solid brass will not chip or wear for years to come. It is essentially one of the best materials that cabinet hardware is made of. 


2. Cabinet Door Necessitie

The cabinet door is the face of all your cabinets and needs essential hardware to make it look the best and work for you:

  • Drawer Pulls: Consider drawer pulls for a more contemporary look and feel for your cabinets, offering added stability.
  • Knobs: Knobs are straightforward to install. With a large variety of knobs available on the market, you can choose the one that best suits your aesthetic and style for your cabinetry. Or you can opt for comfort and pick larger, rounder knobs to make the process of opening and closing easier. 


3. Cabinet Drawer Tips

For larger cabinetry, such as your cabinet drawers, you may want to consider an extra amount of hardware. Your cabinet suppliers in Mission suggest using knobs, pulls, and other hardware, depending on the size of your cabinet drawers:

  • Single knobs or pulls: A single knob, similarly to cabinet doors, will add a streamlined and contemporary look. They are best for drawers under 24 inches wide.
  • Double knobs or pulls: Larger drawers above 24 inches wide may require extra knobs or pulls.
  • Bin pulls: Bin pulls are also another type of hardware that can be placed at the top of a drawer to reach for easily and give you a more vintage aesthetic.
  • Finger pulls: These pulls do not take much space and have a much more petite and minimalist look and feel. They are best for a row of small drawers or cabinets.


4. Backplates

Lastly, backplates are essential to cover any holes or wear and tear on your cabinetry, and are helpful when replacing old hardware with newer hardware. They can add dimension, texture, and give a streamlined look to all your cabinets.


Our Products

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We mentioned pulls, knobs, and backplates, but Electi Cabinet Supply also offers many other products to explore and consider when building your cabinetry.

Aside from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panels, decorative panels, and quality finishes, we offer an assortment of fittings and hardware, which include:

  • Hinges
  • Rails
  • Profiles & toe-kicks
  • Door handles
  • Gola systems
  • Edgeband
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Organizers
  • Lighting
  • Adjustable legs & bases


Add More Value to Your Next Cabinet Project with Our Fittings & Hardware! 

Whether you’re a commercial construction company or renovator, making cabinets is much easier to do with the proper hardware in store. At Electi Cabinet Supply, our cabinet suppliers will help you pick out the best hardware for your cabinets. We will provide you the type of quality you need, all at competitive prices. 


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