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Choose from a variety of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panels from specific American and European brands, and complete your project with different finishes such as high gloss, super matte, mirror, and woody textures among others. We also offer optimization, panel-cutting, and edgeband gluing as well.

And don’t forget to get all of the edgebands, hardware, screws, profiles, and other products that you need to build your cabinets here at Electi Cabinet Supply, too.

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Our Services

To make the most out of your next cabinet project, we have a specialized software program that can aid in the optimization of the cuts you need.

Our cutting machine can perfectly cut out your client’s dream cabinets ready for assembly, and you if you need premium lumber, we’ve got what you need as well.

We have an edgebanding machine for veneering edges, giving your clients an excellent finish that is sure to leave them satisfied with your work.

Additionally, we offer other services such as the design and manufacture of certain types of cabinet projects. For more information regarding these–and other–services, we invite you to consult our representatives today.

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