The Differences Between Popular Cabinet Finishes

Electi Cabinet Supply specializes in a unique selection of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) panels in a variety of finishes. 

Your cabinet materials supplier in Mission is glad to help you differentiate between the kinds of cabinet finishes so that you can select the best one to fit your business’ or client’s aesthetic.


Types of Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes are the last step in completing your cabinets, usually created by adding your specific color and style preferences. They also tend to offer protection from normal wear and tear. 

The main finishes Electi Cabinet Supply offers are high gloss, super matte, woody (or natural wood) amongst others. However, we recommend a variety of popular cabinet finishes that you should consider for your next cabinet project:


1. High Gloss Finish: One of the most popular finishes that we offer is a high gloss finish. High gloss is popular for its light-reflecting finish, which results in a shinier and more contemporary look for your cabinets. 

The light reflection allows for an illusion of expansion for any space, such as your kitchen, bathrooms, and other common spaces. However,  one of the downsides that come with a high-gloss finish is that it increases the visibility of any scratches, smudges, or grime that may reside from constant wear and tear. Despite this flaw, high-gloss finishes are easy to clean!

2. Super Matte Finish: Super matte finishes tend to create a satin look that is soft and smooth to the touch. Unlike its high gloss counterpart, a super matte finish does not reflect light. Its sleek appearance offers a sophisticated look and tends to pair well with darker colors. 

However, a matte finish may be harder to clean, especially if it is exposed to grease. The lack of shine will oftentimes hide dust and grime hiding in plain sight. 

But these flaws are nothing to fret about! Simply consider what kinds of spaces would work best with a super matte finish, such as offices or open floor plans.

3. Natural Wood Finish: A natural wood finish is perfect for anyone that would prefer to accentuate that natural pattern or look of their cabinets. It does not use any stains, dyes, or alterations to the natural color of the cabinet material. 

Instead, natural wood finishes use a process that requires sanding and oiling with different kinds of oils, such as mink, linseed, or mineral oil.

4. Stained Finish: A stained finish essentially changes the color of your cabinets, enhancing the grain or adding a natural wood color to your MDF cabinets. 

Although the colors may be limited, they range from a variety of earthy colors, such as cherry, maple, oak, walnut, and pecan to name a few. A stained finish also adds protective benefits to your cabinets. 

5. Painted Finish: A painted finish, also known as opaque, gives you the versatility and freedom to choose any unique color for your cabinets to compliment any space. You can choose to mix and match colors, add different color patterns, or choose one simple color to create a clean look for your cabinets. 

However, the paint will cover the natural look of your cabinet material. A painted finish can be paired well with a glaze to create a more professional look.

6. Glazed finish: A glazed finish is a layer that adds depth to any paint or stain you use for your cabinets. The colors are slightly pigmented, usually ranging from transparent to semi-transparent. Glazes are oftentimes a bit more on the pricier side. 

7. Distressed: A distressed finish is predominately created by using a technique to make new cabinets look worn out. 

Typically, a distressed finish is used in conjunction with stains, paint, or glaze. The technique involves sanding, scraping, or wiping the top coat of the other type of finish that is used, such as paint. 

8. Varnished Finish: A varnished finish simply means that a protective sealing layer will be added on top of other finishes for protection. 

Varnishes are popular for their protective qualities, giving longer-lasting durability and stronger heat resistance to your cabinets. Oil-based polyurethane varnishes are the most common kind of varnishes that are used to seal off your cabinets from any corrosion. 

9. Laminate Finish: Laminate finishes are another kind of protective coating that uses hard-pressed plastic or paper on top of cabinets. This protective layer allows you to clean your cabinets with chemicals, since it provides resistance to deep cleaning materials, scratches, and wear and tear. 

Often, this finish is a popular option due to its affordability when compared to all the other finishes, such as varnished finishes, and goes in conjunction with either a gloss or matte finish. 


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