What is MDF? All You Need To Know About Medium-Density Fibreboard

What is MDF?

At Electi Cabinet Supply, we specialize in supplying a wide variety of cabinet materials in Mission, Texas, for cabinet makers, contractors, and our many other loyal customers.

The premier material we recommend using for most projects is our high-quality MDF, also known as medium-density fibreboard.

You may be asking what MDF is! If you look around at cabinetry in many apartments, homes, and buildings, you may notice they are made of a material that resembles wood’s sturdiness, but isn’t wood.

More than likely, these cabinets are made with or include MDF within their design.

So What Exactly Is MDF?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is made of the byproducts and shavings of wood and industrial milling.

All the sawdust that accumulates gets collected and ground into a fine powder after dehydration and is then mixed with resin and wax and pressurized to form sheets, also known as panels.

MDF panels are then sanded down, which allow for a smooth finish, and later cut into fixed dimensions, which are usually in ½ inch or ¾ inch sheets. Sizes will vary depending on the jobs that these panels will be needed for.

What Sorts of Projects Can MDF Be Used For?

MDF is a versatile product that can be used for all kinds of projects, ranging from cabinetry, trimming, shelving, bookcases, and much more, depending on the type of medium-density fibreboard you are using.

A common type of MDF is the fire retardant MDF, which is generally used for commercial properties and buildings, but even homes, to better protect from accidental fires.

Moisture-resistant MDF is used in locations or places throughout the home or building that may be exposed to an excess level of humidity or water, such as bathrooms.

Bendy, or flexible MDF, as the name suggests is a flexible type used to create circular or dramatic shapes during construction.

There are many more types of MDF, which are utilized in their own unique ways. The versatility is one of the biggest reasons why MDF rivals its plywood and hardwood counterparts.

What Are the Advantages of MDF?

As stated, versatility is a key component that makes working with medium-density fibreboard so special.

Other key advantages of MDF include:

What Are the Disadvantages of MDF?

Although Electi Cabinet Supply favors the use of MDF, we are keen to inform our customers of any disadvantages that they may encounter while using this type of product.

The most common drawbacks we advise to watch out for are:

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As you can see, MDF has many unique qualities, which is why we favor it over wood!

We truly believe that medium-density fibreboard is one of the most innovative building materials that enhance each project that is created by it. No matter the type of medium-density fibreboard you need, you can ensure that our cabinet suppliers at Electi Cabinet Supply are ready to recommend the highest quality MDF to accommodate any project or cabinetry you have in mind!

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